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What is a Korean Spa?

A Korean Spa is unlike most typical spas that would associate when they hear “spa.” A Korean Spa is a blend of ancient bathhouse with modern spa cultures. This article sums it up pretty nicely: Korean scrub mistress spills her secrets

For our many guests who are new to Korean spa culture, here are some elements you might expect during the day:

1. At check-in, we will greet you with a key for your locker number. The number on your key is your locker number. For your specific gender level, additional towels, bathrobes, and shorts are provided.

2. After check-in you will proceed to the locker room. Undress and store your belongings in your locker.

A Korean spa is not for the modest. We ask that no clothing be worn. Bathing suits are not allowed in the spas. For women that may be a little shy, we do provide robes that you can wear into any of the rooms.

3. Once you are ready, you can proceed into the spa. Please shower prior to entering the tubs.

4. If you are doing a scrub, we advise that you soak in the hot tub at least 15 minutes prior to the service so that the skin is soft

Should you require anything else or have any questions please ask our staff.

General Rules/Etiquette

  • If you are feeling please refrain from entering the spa
  • Guest with health condition should consult a physician before using the facilities
  • Please do not wear bathing suits in the spa
  • Please do not take any photos in the spa and locker room area
  • Please shower before using the tub
  • Please shower after using dry/steam sauna before going into the tub
  • Please do not leave your children unattended
  • Use of hair dyes are not allowed in the spa
  • Use of oil products and facial beauty products are not allowed in the spa
  • Please do not wash or dry your clothes in the spa or the sauna
  • Please refrain from splashing water in the tub
  • Please refrain from making loud noises
  • Please do not take salt rocks outside of its place
  • Please place trash, empty cups, and cans into our trash can
  • Please place used towels and linen in the laundry basket
  • Please return all magazines and newspapers in its proper place
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the spa
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